worgen pet

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Well, it turns out that the Worgen pet is in fact a very clever use of game mechanics somewhat akin to those used by Hunters in order to tame the (now sadly vanished) Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Garwal, a wargPC in northern Howling Fjord Just thought I'd make a list of all the things you should and shouldn't do with your worgen pet to keep its look. As many people have stated DONT ARENA. He will revert to a white wolf and not change to worgen again. You can safely: Yesterday We noticed a post pop up about a hunter rolling around with a worgen as a pet. This shouldn't happen in game as worgens are humanoids and hunters can't tame humanoids, only beasts. After following it for a bit, We wrote it off worgen, garwal, worgen hunter pet, taming garwal, petopia