rochester public market

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Rochester Public Market. This morning Jim & We kicked off marketing season with a 6 AM visit to the public market downtown — not the cheapest that early, but the easiest parking. Of course, once parked, we had to stop at the Bakery for It will also will shed light on inefficient insurance company practices; the transparency of the public plan will transform the market. The private insurance market is dominated by a few large commercial plans. As of 2006, in all but three ew York State's 2 biggest health care providers control 47 percent of the market. Local markets are even more concentrated; in Rochester, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and Preferred Care together control 94 percent of the market. The D&C, today, tells us about local activists at the public market yesterday. As visitors strolled into the market on Saturday, they were greeted with a different sight: about 20 members of Rochester for HR 676, a group that supports