The recent launch of LG U400 in the UK on Threeetwork gave aew option to the mobile user to experience music and other high-end Smartphone features. As far as the phone design is concerned, the handset is very slim with musically inclined powerhouse to experience quality sound on the move. The LG U400 is a slider phone with d-pad controller that can also be used as a scroll wheel for easyavigation of handset's menus and music tracks of your choice.

As the handset is enriched with music features, users can easily scroll the wheel to find their favourite music tracks. Otherwise, with built-in music shortcut keys, users can select songs without opening the phone. In addition to that the built-in music player allows user to search music through music library by genre, artist or, title.

The phone features are further enhanced by the large 2 inch 320 x 240 pixel TFT colour display. Apart from music, the LG U400 also comes with mobile Internet, browse the Web and keep you abreast of the latestews and information, view your favourite music videos on the large screen. Stereo Bluetooth and in-built speakers further make it easier to enjoy music tracks as well as to pick up your calls while on the move.

Now with LG U400, users can compose their own music tunes by the on-board scroll wheel. Additional effects can also be created in the music tunes. LG has a partnership with DJ experts DMC that offers scratch contents and tutorials to help users to compose tune by themselves. With melody composer application that provides 2 modes, 31 styles, 10 instruments, and 5 tempos – users can create various tunes and ring tones. The handset comes with microSD cards that further increases the memory space for more downloading of music tracks, videos and photos.

With tri-bandetwork, the LG U400 can be used for video calling. The handset has a dimension of 100mm x 48mm x 20mm and it weighs 114g. In addition to the above features, the U400 comes with all the Smartphone features to bring a smile on the users face.

LG U400 .

LG U400: Music and Fun on the Move

LG U400: Music and Fun on the Move