Foxews poll, for fun

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1. YES orO, you believe that Foxews is a reliableews source 2. How often do you watch Foxews Or how many hours total do you think you've tuned in to 3. Do you feel that your thoughts actually watch programs on Fox or on word of mouth from otherews agencies or videos you find on youtube I'm really glad to see that most of you are also level headed basis rests

Foxews is a marketing device. Their intention isot to be, fair and balanced, more informed people. The intention is to lay eyeballs on the tube so that they can sell more advertising. Same with CNN, MSNBC,BC, etc. We am a kind ofews junkie, I've watched a lot of Foxews. We usually catch Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. But We doot think that they have a reliableews source. They are entertaining.
Foxews poll, for fun
Foxews Poll for fun