1. In a competition - we will make funews obsession. The Americans are OBSESSED with theews. 2. We have to make us fun Brittney shaved bald, and the audience roars with laughter. 3. We want to make fun, "Annaicole Smith" with the statement .. We are obsessed with tabloids, Gossip, and Annaicole Smith (pause) "Whose Yo Daddy" (smile). Basically, We could really offend someone by fun of Annaicole Smith PEZ

Obviously, it would. There are actually some people out there who think that drug-addicted dead deserve sympathy. Some even feel that their young children into orphans shouldot be either ridiculed. But you, what do you think is funny.
In a speech, we are making fun of "Americans Obsessed with theews". Is it WRONG to make fun of Annaicole
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