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Our local golf courses are all covered in a few inches of snow, like a golf trip to a warmer climate Providing you can get to the airport and catch a flight canceled Britain.For of the adventurers, there are more and more alternative sites. How it would feel pampered with a golf course with a checkered past, from the Russian property, the mujahideen, the Taliban Andow you'reot again in the hands of a good old local pro.If also have close contact with molly tour players upset and may offer the basis the lack of amenities, such as grass, water and a clubhouse then Kabul Golf Course might be just your place.Recently reopened after extensive renovations designed to de-mining, tank removed and rebuild to give the green with a mixture of sand and oil, to an unknown black look. Imagine putting youreighbours recently, still warm and slightly sticky asphalt drive a marketing man of great golf brands or extend their arms, so you lose your golf clubs and golf balls dimples is a real pain. If you find your way with a few machine guns in exchange for a five rusty iron and Titleist with splinter damage.With Green fees from £ 18,50 it'sot, cheapest ofine hole golf courses in exchange, but the sturdy Altitude is one place some visual treat. Dress codes state Helmets are optional .------------------------------------------ --
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Avatar PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE on FlickrLike you, we had heard the hype around Theewen Avatar.ormally film, we would have simply ignored the movie and perhaps come to see, too, some months later. However, if the film broke through the billion-dollar mark in box office sales and the ratings were always positive,
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Happy Valentine's Day Sms, Quotes andews: Today is the 14th February, Valentine's Day, people want each other Happy Valentine's (v day) and sends.
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There were about 12 of us on the run, trying to the 12:15 flight to Vancouver and we all rushed over to the Air Canada counter to find, say, a very angry-looking lady at the reception with great pleasure, "the flight has closed ". Thus we have as we in the Medina Airport Hotel, and tried again theext day. Check in at 8:40, we got to open for the 9 and the same lady was there and wanted to get angry with us for the fairing too early (seriously
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