We found this survey through the Glenn Beck show. Its from the American Revolution Center: http://www.americanrevolutioncenter.org/node/89. We feel this says a lot about our country. I'll let you decide if its good or bad, but We know how
INTERVIEW: Dr. Bruce Cole, Former Head Ofational Endowment For The Humanities,ow President/CEO “The American Revolution Center”. We discuss a survey taken by his group which shows lots of ignorance re: our War for Independence (We
american revolution center survey The American Revolution. Who Cares by The American Revolution Center
The results were unveiled in a poll conducted by the American Revolution Center, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote public understanding of those historical events and their legacy. The survey included a 27-question test, cobbled together with input from scholars and historians. Some questions were taken directly from theational Assessment of Educational Progress. The results will no doubt appall professional and amateur historians alike.
A new survey commissioned by the American Revolution Center has found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (90%) believe that knowledge of the American Revolution and its principles is very important. The survey also found that
american revolution center surveyational survey reveals uninformed citizenry
The American Revolution Center recently gave a test to a random sample of 1001 U.S. general population respondents. The test covered questions about the American Revolution. 83% scored an average of 44%. Ouch! Here are the survey
Introduction This paper is dedicated to the history of American Revolution and the War for Independence. The primary purpose of the survey given here is to carry out an analysis of the events of the late 18th century in the British
american revolution center survey Test your knowledge of the American Revolution