Arnie, Sly and Willis to star in The Expendables London, Sept 14 (ANI): The toughest men of Hollywood - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis - will unite for a total non-stop-action-packed flick called The Expendables. Robin Williams' nude scene in World's Greatest Dad shocks daughter Washington, Sept 18 (ANI): Actor Robin Williams' daughter Zelda was left embarrassed after seeing her father nude in his new movie 'World's Greatest Dad'.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger received a hostile reception after showing up announced at a Democratic Party fundraiser at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel last night, including shouts of "you lie" and "kiss my gay ass," . I won 't go into all of it, but his best political move since 04 was to marry the imbecile daughter of an ultra-right wing billionaire (her dad was poised to throw a massive fundraiser for Palin or all people) and quickly pop out a baby so
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