s.c. gov. mark sanford

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SC Gov. Mark Sanford Admits To Having Affair. Sanford. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford wipes his tears as he admitted to having an affair during a news conference in Columbia, S.C Wednesday, June 24, 2009. AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain) Barbour immediately takes over as head of the national Republican campaign organization following South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's announcement he was leaving the post. Sanford acknowledged Wednesday that he had an extramarital affair with a woman . Mr. Pure as the driven snow Gov. should resign.If he betrayed his family what will he do for the people of SC. Oh, that's right he will leave the country and not tell anyone. We wonder if his mistress has a child for him. Mark Sanford , just admitted to an affair in Argentina, first lying about going hiking on in the Appalachian Mountains. Resigned from South Carolina. gov. mark sanford affair, mark sanford, jenny sanford, first lady jenny sanford, mark sanford republican